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Natural Duvet



Model: 155×200 

Natural single duvet 155×200 cm 800 g – 80% down and 20% feather, 250 g/m² boxes, 100% cotton Cambric fabric


Model: 200×200

Natural duvet 200×200 cm 1050 g – 80% down and 20% feather, 250 g/m² boxes, 100% cotton Cambric fabric


Model: 250×200 

Natural double duvet 250×200 cm 1300 g – 80% down and 20% feather, 250 g/m² boxes, 100% cotton Cambric fabric



We ensure constant control and a continuously updated proposal of the best fillings with high resilience and filling power.

The Filling Power of 550 cuin, that determines the performance of the duvet in terms of weight and volume, is a fundamental requirement together with the composition for assessing the actual quality of a filling, and is measured in cuin (cubic inch). Larger, more elastic bows generate more volume for the same weight. This ratio defines the weight of each model.

Our 250 g/m2 boxed duvet of real goose down guarantees a warm winter and proper breathability thanks to its composition of 80% down and 20% feathers.

The 100% cotton Cambric fabric allows the filling to absorb air and create the right amount of thermal insulation, but it also has enough porosity to allow healthy breathability for those who sleep with the duvet.

The fabric weave is extremely thick to prevent the duvet from escaping and prevents dust and mites from penetrating.


italian heart-Marcapiuma

100% Made in Italy


Why choose our duvet?


For its strong thermal insulation properties.

Gooses and ducks are naturally equipped with feathers, which make for a great shield against element exposure. Even in extreme conditions, their plumage has the special feature of preventing any possible heat loss. Duvets provide more thermal insulation than any other type of material, making them an excellent insulant. Every duvet gram contains about 2 million thin filaments which fit together forming several protecting layers that keep the heat in and the cold out. 


For its breathable properties.

Down has another extraordinary characteristic: it is breathable. The human body releases about half a litre of liquid every night. Feathers and down have a high hygroscopic power that optimally favours the release of this excess moisture, thus eliminating the feeling of cold or discomfort and creating an ideal microclimate for sleep: no humidity and a pleasant warmth to provide a comfortable sleep.


For its hypoallergenic properties. 

Dust mites do not feed on feathers nor down; moreover, because of their dimensions, dust mites are unable to go through the thick texture of the special fabrics to retain down.


It is composed of 100% recycling and natural materials.

The duvet is sustainable, renewable and completely natural. Equipped with a fabric bag that ensures breathability and proper storage when not in use.


For its strict quality monitoring. 

We select the best down and fabrics on the market. Our raw materials suppliers are also members of EDFA EUROPEAN DOWN & FEATHER ASSOCIATION and do not pluck live geese and ducks. Only brushing is permitted during the natural moulting process to collect the valuable goose down flakes.


For its warranty. 

We guarantee and certify the quality of the materials. All duvets are produced in Italy with specialised labour taking care of every single phase of the process.



The Natural Duvet is shipped in a cardboard box to guarantee its integrity, hygiene and ease of transport.

All our duvets are certified Oeko-Tex® standard 100 class 1 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.


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Dimensions155 × 200 cm


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