New Memory and Latex mattress model LEVANTE

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New Memory and Latex Mattress model LEVANTE



New Memory Mattress with ANTIBACTERIAL Silver and 100% ERGONOMIC Latex

Model: Levante-name

Depth: 8,2″ – 21 cm  – It supports up to 120 kg per person

Firmness: New Memory Foam 5/10 (blue no-pressure side) – Latex 5/10 (white ergonomic side)



New Memory and Latex mattress, orthopaedic and innovative, H2 MEDIUM with 7 zones of differentiated bearing capacity, composed of 2 layers.

The first 3 cm high blue layer is made of New Memory, a viscoelastic foam created with a new formula enriched with silver powder that releases its permanent antibacterial action against the development of bacteria and mites. High-density material, over 55 kg/m3, extremely regenerating and fresh thanks to its stone shape that gives a massaging effect, enveloping the body as if “caressing” it.

The second layer is made up of a 16 cm high First Quality Latex, with a high density of over 70 kg/m3, equipped with transpiration channels. It acts as the supporting structure of the mattress. Latex guarantees high ergonomics, keeping the spinal column in the correct position, offering a fresh and healthy rest. 


Ideal for those who want to sleep in an HEALTHY and NATURAL way – ECO-FRIENDLY.


The protective linen is made of 100% cotton stretch Jersey.


The cover is completely removable on 4 sides with a practical zip, equipped with handles and 3D AIR PLUS, breathable band around the entire perimeter, to eliminate body humidity.

It is made of a special Thermic® fabric that absorbs excess heat when the environment or body temperature rises and stores it temporarily to release it when the temperature drops. Quilted with 300 gr./m2 padding made of anallergic, anti-mite and antibacterial technical fibre.


Washable in the washing machine up to 60°.




italian heart-Marcapiuma

100% Made in Italy



The mattress is shipped rolled up, vacuum with double nylon wrapping, inside a resistant box that ensures integrity, hygiene and guarantees easier transportation; after being opened and unrolled it will return to its original size in a few hours.


For all our mattresses we use raw materials certified Oeko-Tex® standard 100 class 1 (also suitable for newborns), CertiPUR® Safety, Health Man and Environment, euroLATEX® (European Latex Manufacturers Association), LGA Quality (Periodic testing of product quality and durability) according to DIN EN 1957:08.200, and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System.


10-year Marcapiuma warranty


Other Memory or Latex mattresses are also available. 


Memory Foam Benefits:

– Improved blood circulation (due to reduced pressure points)

– Healthier and more regenerative rest

– Correct spinal support

– Natural sleeping position

– Reduction of stress and muscle tension


Latex Benefits:

– The special microcellular architecture allows air to circulate freely and is ultra-breathable.

– Resistant to dust mites and completely hygienic thanks to its bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal properties.

– Thanks to its high resilience, latex has the ability to quickly regain its original size when weight is shifted.

– Natural, healthier and more regenerative rest due to elasticity and ergonomics.

– Latex is a natural substance that is extracted from the rubber tree or caoutchouc, the Hevea Brasiliensis.


A slatted base is recommended for proper support and ventilation.

Additional information


70×180 cm, 70×190 cm, 75×190 cm, 75×200 cm, 80×205 cm, 80×210 cm, 80×220 cm, 80×180 cm, 80×190 cm (Standard), 80×195 cm, 80×200 cm, 85×190 cm, 85×195 cm, 85×200 cm, 90×205 cm, 90×210 cm, 90×220 cm, 90×180 cm, 90×190 cm, 90×195 cm, 90×200 cm, 100×190 cm, 100×195 cm, 100×200 cm, 100×205 cm, 100×210 cm, 100×220 cm, 105×200 cm, 105×180 cm, 105×190 cm, 120×180 cm, 120×190 cm, 120×195 cm, 120×200 cm, 120×205 cm, 120×210 cm, 120×220 cm, 130×190 cm, 130×195 cm, 130×200 cm, 135×180 cm, 135×190 cm, 135×195 cm, 135×200 cm, 140×220 cm, 140×180 cm, 140×190 cm, 140×195 cm, 140×200 cm, 140×205 cm, 140×210 cm, 150×180 cm, 150×190 cm, 150×195 cm, 150×200 cm, 150×205 cm, 150×210 cm, 150×220 cm, 160×200 cm, 160×205 cm, 160×210 cm, 160×220 cm, 160×180 cm, 160×190 cm (Standard), 160×195 cm, 165×190 cm, 165×200 cm, 165×205 cm, 165×210 cm, 165×220 cm, 165×195 cm, 170×195 cm, 170×200 cm, 170×205 cm, 170×210 cm, 170×220 cm, 170×190 cm, 180×210 cm, 180×220 cm, 180×180 cm, 180×190 cm, 180×195 cm, 180×200 cm, 180×205 cm, 200×200 cm


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