In questa pagina FAQ (Domande Frequenti) troverai le risposte concise alle domande più comuni poste da voi clienti.

What is the invoice for?

The invoice is valid as proof of purchase. Furthermore, if the product is a Medical Device, the invoice will be used to take advantage of the 19% deduction.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or scalapay (3 interest-free installments).

Why do you need the tax code?

We need the tax code to issue the invoice, because we are producers and do not have a receipt (even if you are a private individual).

Will getting used to the mattress you just bought take a long time?

A new mattress always requires an adaptation period, at the beginning it may have a "new" smell which will soon fade. It is normal that you need a few days to get used to your new mattress, especially if you are used to a different sleeping system.

Why didn't I find the invoice in the package?

The invoice is always inserted in the transparent adhesive pocket attached to the package, unfortunately it is sometimes lost during transport. So if you can't find it we can send it to you via email in PDF format (only upon request).

Are there any sales points where I can find your products?

Yes, we have a showroom next to our company in Venegazzù di Volpago del Montello (TV) in via Montello, 7. The products are not ready for immediate delivery, but you can place an order and in a few days the goods will be ready. You will also find our products in the shop in Loreggia (PD) inside Centro 307, in via A. Ceccon, 2/8 at the Discount del Mattress.

How often should I replace my pillow?

There is no specific reference period. As with the mattress, it is necessary to evaluate its use, habits and sleeping characteristics of the person who uses it.

Can I be entitled to the 4% reduced VAT?

Yes, if you have the Disability Certificate issued pursuant to art. 3 of law no. 104/1992. It is sufficient to send us:

copy of the identity document

copy of the health card

certificate issued by the competent ASL certifying the existence of a disability functional falling within the four permitted forms (i.e. motor, visual, auditory or language) and its permanent character

verbal by the doctor which shows the direct functional connection between the impairment and the technical aid purchased ; by report we mean a document signed by the doctor which identifies the personal details of the disabled person, the type of handicap and in which there is a declaration that the mattress is functional to the disability of the person himself.

Wait for the approval of the documents and then make the payment via bank transfer. In the case of payments by credit card or Paypal you will receive a refund with a credit note.

What are the advantages of a manual or motorized net?

These types of bed bases allow you to tilt the bed to your preferred angle and guarantee a regenerating rest. Adjustable slats are excellent for anyone who needs to improve circulation in the lower limbs or relieve ailments such as breathing difficulties or slowed digestion. Also useful for those who love reading in bed and watching TV, as they accompany and support the back, preventing the onset of contractures or musculoskeletal discomfort.

What are the standard Italian measurements for mattresses?

Italian standards include the following measurements: Single 80x190 cm, Queen size 120x190 cm and Double 160x190 cm.

How important is the slatted base?

The slatted base, whether fixed, manual or electric, is really important. The mattress needs sturdy and resistant slats to guarantee the right support, to avoid the development of unwanted discomfort in the most delicate areas of our body. In addition to this, the slats promote excellent breathability of the mattress, which is essential for correct maintenance. So check that your network is relatively new and maintains good curvature and flexibility.

Can your mattresses be used with a storage bed?

Yes of course, all our models can also be used with a storage bed. In this case we recommend ventilating the room more.

Can your mattresses be used with a manual or motorized base?

Yes of course, all our mattresses can be used with manual or motorized bases, because they are made of non-deformable materials.

What is latex?

Latex is a natural substance that is extracted from the rubber or rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. It has a milk-like appearance with a sticky consistency, usually white in color. Through the vulcanization process it is transformed into sheets, becoming an excellent material for the production of mattresses that have high elasticity, durability and resistance. The microcells favor the passage of air, making the product fresh and self-ventilated.

What is Memory Foam?

Initially used in the aerospace industry (NASA), Memory Foam is a slow memory viscoelastic foam, self-modelling and thermosensitive, it adapts to the curves of your body with a gentle massage effect. For this reason it is also considered a material suitable for the first anti-decubitus stage.

How should I open the packaging?

Do not use sharp objects (scissors, cutters, awls) to open, but tear with your hands the heat-sealing of the nylon used for the vacuum. For other types of packaging, always remove the protective tape without using objects that could damage the internal product.

Are your items all Medical Devices?

No, it is best to consult the description of the individual object, where it is specified whether the product in question is a Medical Device or not.

Is the cover of your mattresses removable and washable?

Yes of course, all our mattresses have removable covers thanks to the side zip, they can be easily washed in the washing machine, following the instructions on the label.

Why choose a Memory Foam mattress?

Memory Foam brings numerous beneficial effects to your body. Among these there is an improvement in blood circulation, a healthier and more regenerating rest, and the maintenance of a correct posture. In this way, repercussions on the spine are avoided, giving support that does not cause your body to sink, but supports it by relaxing the muscles.

What are the advantages of a product that is a Medical Device?

You can benefit from a 19% tax deduction on your tax return for the year following purchase. Together with the product you will be sent the invoice which must be presented when completing the 730, possibly accompanied by a simple medical certificate or self-declaration. However, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the accountant or CAF of reference.

I would like a custom-made mattress, what should I do?

In our adverts you will already find many sizes available, but if you need a particular size you can request a quote via email

Come effettuare il reso di un prodotto?

After reporting the return to us via email, we will send you the packaging instructions. However, to return a mattress you will need to carefully package it, folding it at least halfway head/foot to avoid damage during transport. If possible, use the original packaging, or you can use nylon (garbage bags are also fine) and adhesive tape. When returning cushions and bed bases, however, we recommend using the original packaging or a cardboard box so that the material is not damaged during transport. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer and depend on the size of the package.

How can I get a scheduled delivery?

To request scheduled delivery, select the paid service in the cart. The shipment of the order requires a firm deposit at the office of the courier closest to you. The courier will call you to agree on the delivery date and time (deposit retention cannot exceed 72 hours). The presence of someone at home will be necessary during the time slot agreed with the courier. Installation not included.

I just purchased a product: when will it be shipped?

Shipping times are indicated on the product page. Most items are expected to ship within 2-3 business days.

I received only one package but I ordered two products, is this normal?

Sometimes it happens that the courier cannot deliver both packages at the same time. For information on delivery you can visit the courier's website or contact us by email at

My item arrived damaged or appears to have a defect, what can I do?

Send us photos of the product to or via whatsapp at 334 5323430 specifying your order number.

How long does it take for an ordered item to arrive at your home?

From shipment, indicated by the tracking number, the courier will deliver within 24/48 working hours. Times may vary for some locations.