Use and maintenance

The mattress you have chosen is designed to offer you lasting comfort for many years. In this guide, you will find valuable advice on how to best use and maintain it to maximize your rest experience. Your purchase has passed rigorous quality testing, ensuring excellence in both materials and workmanship. The selection of materials and the production process were also carried out with the utmost respect for the environment.

It is recommended NOT to:

    • expose to direct sunlight or near heat sources (radiators/heaters, electric heaters, electric blankets or similar, because they would damage the materials that make up the inside of the mattress);
    • < li>for any reason remove the mesh underlining to protect the slab;

    manipulate existing stitchings or parts of them;
  • remove the labels sewn to the covering or protected by the internal covering of the core for the mattresses with removable covers;
  • smoke in the room where the mattress is located;
    leave the packaging within sight and/or reach of children;
  • fold, roll and/or or tie the mattress tightly for long periods;
  • jump on the mattress;
  • remove stains from the mattress or its components with aggressive chemical substances and/or solvents;
  • for products with removable covers, wash the covering other than what is indicated on the labels;
  • dry the product or part of it with an iron and/or hairdryer;
  • use steam machines for the maintenance of the mattress;
  • use a high-powered vacuum cleaner;
  • let any liquid wet and/or penetrate the mattress;
  • store the mattress in a humid and/or wet environment in sealed packaging;
  • carry out interventions not explicitly described in this warranty.

Frequently ventilate the bedroom bed and ventilate the mattress by opening the covering to allow the humidity to evaporate, preventing any type of mold formation.

The use of bed bases and mattress covers is not recommended; if necessary, use breathable ones or ones that in any case guarantee l ventilation of the mattress.

If in doubt, always contact the seller.

Mattress care

To guarantee a perfect hygienic condition, your mattress has been vacuum packaged with a resistant casing, making transport easier and guaranteeing the integrity of the product.
After being unrolled and opened it may need some hours to return to its original dimensions.
A new mattress always requires an adaptation period, at the beginning it may have a "new" smell which will soon fade.
It is normal that you need a few day to get used to your new mattress, especially if you are used to a different sleeping system.

Evaluation of the support base before positioning the mattress

Use the new mattress with slatted bases or rigid ventilated bed bases of equal dimensions or in any case not smaller than those of the mattress itself.
Our mattresses, thanks to the latest generation materials, are specifically designed to be used also on head/foot reclining bed bases.

We do not recommend the use of:

  • wooden boards (possibly drill holes to allow adequate ventilation);< /li>
  • metal nets which would neutralize the effectiveness of the mattress's properties, ruining it and could also damage the covering.

It is important to know that at when choosing the mattress in the store, its load-bearing capacity can be influenced by:

  • the temperature in the exhibition room;
  • the width of the mattress: a single is slightly wider rigid than a double;
  • the bed system of which the mattress is part, in particular the support base, may have different characteristics from that used at home, modifying the response characteristics of the product.
  • it is natural that, for the same product tested at the point of sale, the firmness of the mattress tested at home is slightly different.

The company always guarantees the consistency of the characteristics of the mattress, as its Quality Management System (which is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified) regulates, standardises and controls all company processes.

Mold prevention

Failure to comply with the instructions on the care and use of the mattress (e.g. poor ventilation of the product and the room) together with the characteristics of the environment in which the mattress is placed (high humidity), can lead to the proliferation of mold (which are normally present in the air in the form of spores).

The development of mould, in this case, is not attributable to the construction of the mattress.

It is advisable to periodically check the surface of the mattress to prevent/exclude the possible formation of this event.

To prevent the proliferation of mould, it is recommended to:

  • check every 2 months and 4 months the components of the product by evaluating the state of the coating, over its entire surface and the state of the entire slab;
  • respect the general instructions for use;
  • maintain a relative humidity in the bedroom below 65%.

In the event of spilling liquid on the product or heavy sweating, make sure to dry the area well wet/damp before covering it with bed linen or before turning the mattress under/over.
Attention: the apparent external drying of the product does not necessarily correspond to the complete drying of its internal parts.

Cleaning the mattress

Wash the cover scrupulously following the instructions on the label sewn to the mattress cover.
If in any doubt, contact the seller before proceeding or making other cleaning attempts.