Cristiano Ronaldo's sleep technique

L' Juventus striker seems to follow a specific sleep schedule, let's see what it is.

Great scandal was caused by the words uttered by none other than the sleep coach of Cristiano Ronaldo, who, to optimize the energy gained through rest, seems to rely on a precise program, so out of the norm that it has attracted the attention of the mass media around the world.

It goes without saying that sleeping little damages our health and organism, this is in fact universal recognized. With the busy schedule of every day, full of commitments, it becomes almost impossible to make up for lost sleep, which translates into constant drowsiness, the feeling of being locked up in a bubble and the onset of negative factors such as stress and anxiety, as well as the worsening of social relationships. Not even trying to regain strength by sleeping more during the weekend seems to work, in short, in short, lost sleep remains lost forever.

But there are those who, to take maximum care of the quality of their sleep and be in able to face the day in the best possible way relies on a sleep coach, just like the footballer and social star Cristiano Ronaldo, who follows a rigid program summarized in the following lines of conduct, which have caused numerous sleep experts to discuss so much.

Well, it looks like Ronaldo's sleep coach doesn't agree on the fact that sleeping 8 hours straight is the best method to recover your strength. Already here we begin to ask ourselves doubts, because habit (and experts) say that healthy and continuous rest is the best way to recover 100% energy.

Well, Ronaldo on the other hand, advised by his coach, divides his sleep into 5 phases of 90 minutes each, in short, falling asleep and waking up, throughout the day, 5 times in distinct phases.
In order to put your body in the conditions to prepare it for rest it is necessary, however, to turn off any electronic device at least an hour and a half before falling asleep, something that Ronaldo seems to observe meticulously.

In short, Ronaldo's coach seems to be against the 8 hours of sleep theory continuous, which has sparked quite a few disputes among experts in the sector, who reiterate their opinion in favor of healthy and continuous rest.


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