World Sleep Day, sleeping well is possible!

An annual event which, since 2008, falls on the Friday before the spring equinox, was named by a group of medical professionals and its main purpose is to increase awareness of the importance of good habits of sleep. In fact, these doctors joined together to form World Sleep Society.

The World Sleep Society works with various organizations to help raise awareness of the effects sleep can have on daily life.

The annual World Sleep Day is celebrated in 70 countries with many health experts believing that sleep-related problems sleep, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, are rampant in modern society due to unhealthy sleep habits. World Sleep Day advice from Marcapiuma

Here are the tips Marcapiuma to improve the quality and habits of sleep:

  • make sure you have a set time to fall asleep and wake up
  • keep the temperature in the room at 18-19 degrees
  • make sure you get enough sleep, at least 7-8 hours a day for an average adult
  • an uninterrupted sleep is vital to waking up rested, avoid nighttime distractions such as ringtones or the television on
  • choose a professional, good quality bed system that helps you sleep more soundly

The choice of mattress should never be underestimated to guarantee a deep and regenerating sleep. Today there are innovative technologies that help improve the quality of our rest. Marcapiuma mattress in memory N110 for example, it uses elements that promote cellular regeneration such as COPPER (Cu), GOLD (Au) and SILVER (Ag), elements with an extraordinary regenerating and antimicrobial capacity.

These natural elements are absorbed by osmosis by the body which thus derives all the benefits:

  • fights free radicals that cause aging
  • improves metabolism
  • accelerates physical recovery
  • deeper and more regenerating sleep
  • disperses static electricity, relieving muscle heaviness

That's why this World Sleep Day is all about finding the right schedule and if you seem to have sleep problems such as insomnia, make sure you talk to a professional of sleep for a diagnosis.

In the meantime, start applying these precious tips by replacing your old mattress with a Marcapiuma mattress, your new ally to celebrate this World Sleep Day in the best possible way.</ span>

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