The mattress you use affects your health ?

Your health comes first: let's learn to preserve it by sleeping with the right mattress.

Often customers ask us whether or not the mattress they sleep on can influence the quality of their sleep and their health. The answer is a strong YES, and the best sleep of each of us should take place on the mattresses at home.


Attention : here you go 6 signs a which to pay particular attention to regarding your mattress:


  • Have you ever woken up with a feeling tired or with back pain?
  • Sleep better on a different mattress, for example one tried at a relative's house?
  • You feel annoying sensations, springs pushing against your back?
  • You must position yourself in an area especially to be able to sleep?
  • Being able to fall asleep on the sofa is almost how to do it on your mattress?
  • Is your mattress emitting some sort of noise when you move in bed?


If you answered "yes" to even just one of the questions proposed then your mattress is taking away your rest.

All they deserve a good sleep: resting well is crucial for the quality of life. In the fast-paced everyday society there is always too much to do and too little time to do it. Your body therefore needs sufficient rest to regenerate energy and leave recharged the next day. If you suspect that your mattress isn't providing you with a fabulous night's sleep... well, it's time to change it!!!

Not there is no need to wait until that old mattress, now worn out from years of use, gets up and goes to the landfill on its own... take matters into your own hands by opting for a new product!


First , never make the mistake of confusing the quantity of rest with the quality.

For example, if your mattress does not provide the right support for your spine, dosleeping as long as possible will do no good. In fact, you may even wake up in the morning feeling a particular pain in your back, which could lead to serious problems over time.

Col mattress suitable for you, however, you will be able to completely regenerate yourself even if you happen to sleep less some nights... now try to imagine the experience of a long sleep on the mattress of your dreams!


The perfect mattress?

Each it is unique and original, so there is no single mattress for all solutions.

There However, there are a series of factors to consider when buying a new one.

On On our site there is a wide range of mattresses for all tastes, from products with a lower price without sacrificing quality, up to the top of the range with specific technical characteristics.

If the quality of your sleep is not satisfactory and affects your health, it would be ideal to concentrate your efforts on choosing a product that meets your needs, perhaps putting aside expenses that are not too necessary at the moment and focusing your attention on something more important: your health.

Let's remember that we spend more than 3000 hours a year and a third of our entire existence on the mattress... why suffer even in those moments that should be dedicated to rest and psychophysical regeneration?

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