Sleeping well is important

Sleeping well is important

Stress, noise, anxieties, the wrong mattress: there are many obstacles to relaxation.

Follow these 10 tips for perfect sleep:


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Turn it off, silence it, throw it out the window.

If you want to guarantee a deep sleep, at least 2 hours before going to bed you must do without your mobile phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and of all social networks. The light on the screen, the notifications are all disturbing elements. Any excuse will be good to not give up on him. The most frequent? The alarm clock on the iPhone. Buy an old school one and read a good, old book. Make it a nice evening ritual, together with a nice hot bath.


The choice of sheets, blankets, pillows, pajamas is the first step towards a sleep worthy of being called such. Focus on cotton and natural fibres: starting from duvets and dto hypoallergenic pillows, including the mattress cover.

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No yoga pants and fashionable looks even in bed: real pajamas are better (even if for sexy clients). It will help you unplug.


The bedroom is our cocoon refuge, it is the sanctuary of sleep.

It is therefore essential that it is clean (the dust will make you cough) and tidy, with a comfortable arrangement of furniture. The color of the walls is important for relaxation: no to blue. It would then be better to keep computers and televisions out of here: instead get a humidifier, preferably an ultrasonic and super-silent one. Too dry air irritates the walls of the nostrils, forcing you to breathe through your mouth and "snore" all night.


The nose wants its part, even in sleep.

There are fragrances, such as lavender, that decrease heart rate and blood pressure, aiding relaxation. Refreshing the environment with oils, candles and scented sachets is not a timeless hippie ritual. But always remember to turn off the flame!


Causes unwanted awakenings, changes in sleep stages and changes in heart rate and blood pressurein the morning you have no pain. The best mattress is not always the firmest one. If you tend to change position it is because your body does not adhere perfectly to the bed. Moving means fragmenting sleep and damaging its quality. Memory foam, Latex, WaterFoam.

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