The choice of the mattress

The choice of mattress

Small guide on choosing a mattress, countless benefits of a good mattress, for all your doubts.


good sleep</span >, as we know, constitutes added value to our daily life, especially in the frenzy of modern life. Raise your hand if you don't want to reduce even just a little the stress that affects you from the early hours of the morning.

Take a pinch of anxiety, a handful of irritability and two spoonfuls of stress and you will have the perfect recipe to start the day and want it to end at 'instant. If your routine more or less follows this menu you are on the wrong path. If you carefully follow the advice in this little handbook you will progressively improve your situation, discovering how many advantages a peaceful sleep  can give to our organism and mood.

Well yes, a peaceful sleep  does not only benefit the mood, but also significantly improves our health. How? Let's see specifically what its benefits are.

Good rest promotes the control of blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and the regulation of the sleep-wake rhythm. In fact, it is often not enough to sleep for many hours straight to consider yourself perfectly rested, it is also important to take care of the quality of sleep, especially during the so-called REM phase.

We must also take into account that when we sleep and breathe we do nothing but consume calories continuously. In fact, research from the University of Chicago indicates "peaceful sleep" as one of the main factors in helping to lose weight and maintain good physical shape. The so-called "nervous" hunger would be due precisely to a tormented sleep, which pushes our brain to make us want more food.

There are therefore countless benefits brought by good sleep, both in terms of health and mood, elements that should be seriously considered for our well-being. One of the fundamental factors to improve them is the choice of the ideal mattress.


Have you ever thought about it?


Choosing a good mattress is equivalent to investing in your own health, mood and life, as well as that of those around you. There is no mattress suitable for categories of people, it is an extremely personal choice in terms of material, rigidity and envelopment. All these characteristics play a role of fundamental importance in achieving the much desired peaceful sleep.

Although it may seem complicated, with simple instructions you will easily find the ideal mattress.


When choosing the material, just keep these differences in mind:

Memory : latest generation foam that welcomes the curves of the body and "sculpts" the mattress according to your shape thanks to body heat. Click here for the Memory mattresses.</ span>

Lattice : material of natural origin that is fresh, elastic and ergonomic. It shapes based on weight. Click here for the Latex mattresses.</ span>


Marcapiuma guarantees its made in Italy with the highest quality of the materials used and defends the rest of its customers, offering a wide choice of mattresses for all needs.