The time change returns: we will sleep an hour less

With the arrival of spring, summer time returns.

It is best to set your clocks before going to sleep, even if most electronic devices now do it automatically.

The new timetable comes into force on the night between Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March: precisely at 2:00 am we will have to everyone move the hand forward one hour, i.e. to 3:00. Daylight saving time will last until Sunday 23 October, when solar time will come back into effect.

Why do you change the time?

Since 1966 we have had a dual time zone. The motivation? To reduce energy consumption, it provides "an important environmental benefit, quantifiable in the reduction of approximately 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere". Light solar power for longer between afternoon and evening allows you to use electric power less in spring and summer. Sleep disturbances due to the change of time? Marcapiuma offers you valuable advice  

What disturbances can summer time cause?

Many people complain of disturbances due to the alteration of the sleep-wake cycle, a real jet lag effect during the change of time. The same effect is usually generated by the time zone in those traveling by plane, but in this case the effect is smaller because the hand only moves by one hour. Insomnia, tiredness and irritability According to the neurologist and sleep medicine expert Gioacchino Mennuni, of the Columbus-Catholic University of Rome Integrated Complex, "the extra hour of light that we will have delays the phase of falling asleep, linked to the production of melatonin favored by the darkness". Hence, the risk of insomnia.  

How best to deal with the time change?

First of all, Marcapiuma recommends keeping the time you get up in the morning unchanged if possible, so as not to interrupt the regularity of the sleep-wake cycle. This will help our body "reprogram" our biological clock. However, everything should return to normal within 2-3 days. Many don't know that a simple pillow can change the way we sleep for better or worse. Incorrect sleeping positions - wrong pillow - Marcapiuma remedies Cervical tension prevents us from sleeping deeply and worsens our mood throughout the day. An excellent ally is certainly the memory pillow with massage insert, such as the Marcapiuma massaging memory pillows, AIR MASSAGE</a >, MISS PINK and MISTER BLUE, available in 3 degrees of rigidity, useful for customizing the support and the desired massaging effect.

AIR MASSAGE model memory pillow - Marcapiuma          Memory cushion model MISS PINK - Marcapiuma          MISTER BLUE model memory cushion - Marcapiuma

Another piece of advice is to evaluate whether the current bed system in your home is really what's right for you. In addition to moving the hands of your clock forward, choose an environmentally friendly bed system, also useful for improve the quality of sleep and good mood. Memory and Latex Gel mattress model Celebration Matrimoniale- Marcapiuma  

Are you looking for it to be rigid and comfortable at the same time?

Here is an example of innovation and quality. Mattress CELEBRATION< /span> with one side in Memory enriched with ALOE VERA essence, regenerating thanks to its stone shaping and on the other side in OCEAN BLUE® Latex Gel consisting of GEL micro-particles included in the entire mass of the latex to regulate the climate in contact with the body. The covering is also embellished with +RESISTAT-™ technical fabric in carbon fiber which creates a barrier against electrostatic charges.< /span>

Deeper sleep GUARANTEED

For all our mattresses we use certified raw materials Oeko-Tex® standard 100 class 1 (also suitable for newborns), CertiPUR® Safety, Health, Humans and the Environment,  euroLATEX® (European Latex Producers Association), LGA Quality (Periodic tests of product quality and durability) according to DIN EN 1957:08.200 STANDARDS , and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system.   Start applying these precious tips by replacing your old mattress with a Marcapiuma mattress, your new ally to face make the most of the time change and enjoy Spring and Summer. Ask the Marcapiuma sleep experts for advice. Click here for more information