Copper: a precious element for the psyche and the spirit

Who would have thought that copper is also found inside the human body? span>

Well yes, present in organic tissues, the molecules of copper promote the assimilation of iron by the intestine and help maintain the blood vessels and the heart are elastic, protecting them from the aggression of free radicals!

This natural metal is especially suitable for heart patients, as it promotes correct blood circulation and blood pressure control.

E It is also precious for growth and cellular respiration, it alleviates cramps, joint or rheumatic pain and inflammation of the body.

The contact with this mineral increases psychophysical well-being, body relaxation and energy recovery.

But not only a stronger body, also a clearer mind!

This in fact, this element stimulates dream activity and the world of the imagination and the unconscious, facilitating the free expression of emotions, thus reducing frequent moments of daily stress.

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