How to sleep well even if it's very hot outside

Here are some tips for sleeping well and having a pleasant awakening even when the heat becomes unbearable

Summer in Italy can be truly unbearable, especially towards the period of July or the first half of August and sleeping soundly and peacefully ends up becoming a challenge. For all those who don't have air conditioning at home and are there gasping with that old fan pointed at their face, here are some little tricks to help you fall asleep peacefully and give you a pleasant awakening.

If you put these tips into practice we can guarantee that the benefits will be countless!

1) The ice cushion:

Take your pillowcase, place it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. Remove it just before going to bed and enjoy a fresh pillow! or... you can avoid removing the frozen meat to make room for the pillowcase and buy here one of our memory gel pillows. Thanks to the superficial layer of gel which gives freshness together with the softness of the memory you will obtain a far superior result! ... even without having to freeze your pillow.

Double-wave Memory GEL cushion - Marcapiuma

2) Linen like snow:

during periods of great heat, avoid bed linen that is too heavy, choose it in light colours, perhaps in natural fibres. These allow the air to circulate correctly and prevent excessive sweating.

3) The do-it-yourself air conditioner:

we also have a solution for all those who don't have an air conditioner at home, it's convenient, practical, simple, but above all, low cost! Position the fan towards you, perhaps avoiding pointing it directly towards your back, shoulders and neck (otherwise you risk getting up in the morning with annoying pain). Now place a frozen plastic bottle in front of the fan and... enjoy the fantastic breeze!

4) Everyone down on the ground:

Try to stay as close to the ground as possible. In fact, hot air tends to rise upwards, so avoid sleeping on a mezzanine, mezzanine or on a bunk bed.

5) Choose a Marcapiuma mattress:

if the heat torments you and leaves you unable to breathe, remember that Marcapiuma offers mattresses with surfaces designed for thermoregulation of temperature! This allows you to have the famous "ice effect" that keeps you cool in summer and warm under the covers in winter! Here you can purchase the ICE model SENSATION, with special refreshing gel particles that regulate the temperature and give a pleasant sensation of freshness throughout the night!Single-Mattress-Memory-Lurex-Ice-Sensation-Marcapiuma-okAlso discover the new mattress model N110: the innovative memory layer contains particles of copper and gold, precious elements that promote muscle relaxation, cell regeneration and deep sleep. The lining with "thermal" technology promotes the elimination of body humidity, for an incredibly fresh and breathable rest. Discover all the benefits of these precious elements here, and improve your rest by purchasing the N110 mattress with a simple click!

Single Memory Mattress model N110 Copper-Gold-Silver Covering SEZ - Marcapiuma

Now you have everything you need to make summer nights a little more pleasant despite the 30° degrees that they rage outside.

If you have other questions on how to improve the quality of your sleep by staying cool in summer and warm in winter with our mattresses, please contact us at the email address or call us on 0423 621674 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00, we will be happy to dispel all your doubts and help you choose the most suitable mattress! If you are near Treviso and want to come and visit us, our outlet is open on the days and times indicated above, and is located in Via Montello 7 in Venegazzù di Volpago del Montello. Our staff will welcome you and guide you towards the product of your dreams and for your dreams!

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